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Diverse Roots is an natural + organic hair care online store. Every product can be used on all hair types and ethnicities, hence "diverse" .  I provide a great selection of quality hair care products, an easy shopping experience, and exceptional customer service.

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About Us

Natural : As it should be

I founded Diverse Roots - Natural Hair Care with one goal in mind: providing natural ingredients. You will get exactly what is listed. No extra chemicals you can not pronounce. My passion for natural hair care has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future. I hope you enjoy the products I have created with health and growth in mind. Lets begin flourishing together!

My Natural Hair Journey:

My purpose behind my

natural hair care line -

I started my natural hair journey in 2013. Prior to, I was putting unnecessary heat and chemicals in my hair and I was hindering my hair to be the best it can be. It was breaking off the same rate it was growing. I WAS OVER IT ! So I started to transition and get to a length I was comfortable with so I can do the "big chop" once I did that I was SICK! I wore nothing but closure sew ins and other protective styles. I became a "product junkie" and was using any and every product in my hair just because I wanted my hair to look a certain way, but it was never achieved. After a few years of doing that and using other growth oils, vitamins, and etc I realized....I do not see much of an improvement in my hair. Yes my hair transformed because I was not putting heat in my hair, but other than that - nothing. My hair was not growing the way I wanted it to.

I asked myself: "What can I do differently? Are these products actually working for my hair?" One day, I started looking at the ingredients in the  products I was using and I did not even know half of the stuff I was putting in my hair. Better yet, I could not even pronounce half the ingredients. I asked myself again "why am I putting these ingredients in my hair and I don't even know what they are?!" So at that moment, I wanted to create something that only consisted of natural and organic ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. I researched for a long time...I finally came up with something great ! My hair has grown like a weed since I been using my own products. My hair grew 3 inches in 2 months !!! My hair has NEVER grown that fast in such a short of a time. I've been using my growth oil in my daughters hair as well. My 5 year old's edges were thinning really bad and within a week and a half, they were full as a bush. My little baby's hair is soft and fine and it was balding in the back and by using my oil it was full in 2 weeks! I cant wait to have you start this journey with me. Let's flourish together !