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Deep "Root" Conditioner:

It is SOOO bomb 💣

Once you apply it to your hair, immediately you hair will thank you❤️🤞🏾it contains organic Honduras coffee grains☕️, which has amazing benefits for you hair . It stimulates hair growth & decreases hair loss ✨. It promotes thicker + fuller hair - thanks to the fenugreek leaves 🍂!! It is also excellent for the health of your scalp & hair . Once you rinse it out , your hair will be very very soft , more shiny , manageable, bouncy, & smell amazing due to the citrus extract 🙌🏾🍊✨

"Roots play an important role in nutrients intake"

(One container)

Shelf life: 1 year+

Use after washing hair with "Unsoiled" shampoo. Apply heat for best results. Leave on hair for 15-30 mins before rinsing out.