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will take care of your hair cleaning needs . It is a liquid castile shampoo with nothing but natural & organic ingredients 🌱. It contains tea tree & peppermint oil, which feels amazing on your scalp giving it a cooling refreshing sensation . It doesn’t dry out your hair, instead leaves your hair moisturized & hydrated 💦 - thanks to the aloe vera juice !Let’s start or continue your natural hair journey by supplying your hair with the food & nutrient it needs to be healthy & FLOURISH .

Let’s begin F L O U R I S H I N G together ! 🌱

Natural liquid castile soap (shampoo):

"Strong enough to clean the scalp of product build up, but gentle enough to not strip and dry out your hair."

(One bottle)

Keep away from eyes! Shelf life : 1 year

Refrigetate after use (optional)

Separation is normal and natural.

UNSOILED - natural liquid castile soap (shampoo)